Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Tent Topper Thank You Card

I recently won Elena's Hello Kitty Ornament blog candy and received them a few days ago. They are too cute and seeing them IRL really showed me the amount of work that went into making each one! I absolutely love them and had to put them away up high so my daughter isn't able to get at them since as soon as I opened the (handmade) box that they came in, she tried to run off with all of them!! They will make the PERFECT addition to our Hello Kitty Christmas ornament collection that my daughter and I started a few years ago.
Here's the cute box the ornaments arrived in.
They fit perfectly in the box!
There were 3 of each of these in the box...each one was unique and perfect (so much work)! My daughter, loving our new ornaments
With all the work that Elena put into making each of these ornaments, I had to make sure I sent her a Thank You card right away.
Thank you again Elena!! They will cherished for many years to come! :-)


Kelli B said...

what beautiful ornaments! Love your card, have to try and make one of those still. Your daughter is adorable! Have a great day and take care~

Brenda said...

those are very cute ornaments... lucky you! i love the box too! kami looks so much like zach in that picture!

Chrisd said...

They are so cute as is your little one!You are sure lucky to have a special new ornament for the tree!

Kyoko said...

CONGRATS ON YOUR WIN! You made such a pretty thank you card!

Susie Sugar said...

Hi thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments, you have a great blog full of great makes you are very talented
And you have the sweetest little girl on the planet .......she is beautiful
Hugs Susie xx

Teri said...

Congrats on your winnings! These HK ornaments are super cute! Elena does awesome work on all typed of crafts!! Your daughter is so cute too, but I can see that she's making plans for these cute ornaments already!!