Friday, October 14, 2011

Angry Birds Goodie Bags

I had 10 goodie bags to make for my DD's birthday party.  Angry Birds stuff in the stores are pretty expensive - especially when you have to buy a bunch of them.  So I tried to improvise when coming up with things to add to the goodie bags.  I decided to make some tags to add to the goodie bags.  These tags were super quick to make and I think they added a lot to the Angry Birds theme goodie bags.   I printed up the tags on the computer, added a piece of colored CS behind it, and ran them through my laminating machine - EASY!
Since it was a beach party, I picked up some inexpensive beach buckets and scoop nets at Walmart.  I placed the coloring books I made in a clear bag and then added a box of crayons, Angry Birds stickers, Angry Birds temporary tattoos, an Angry Birds eraser, slingshot with fuzzy pompom balls, and water balloon bombs to the bag, tied it up with some ribbon, added my tag to it and placed the bag in the bucket.  When the kids were ready, they removed the bag from their bucket and ran to the beach with their bucket and net!

Well that's it - another birthday party done.  My DD loved her Angry Birds theme party and made sure she let everyone know that she had the best birthday party ever!  LOL!!  I LOVE my DD's enthusiasm and am so glad she appreciated everything my DH and I did to put her 5th birthday party together!  Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great weekend!!


eunice said...

Best party ever for sure! Wow, dd and her friends are so lucky to have scored such awesome goodies at the birthday party. So much love and thought went into dd's very special party and it really shows!

Leanne said...

Hi Michele!
These are soo cool and Angry birds are such the rage right now yea? You did a wonderful job!
Thanks for playing along with my candy give-a-way and for becoming a follower of Pixie Boutique. Good luck!
Have a wonderful day! ;)