Thursday, May 26, 2011

End of the School Year Teacher's Gift

My DS's last day of school was yesterday.  He will be moving on to first grade next school year and his little sister will be joining him at school as a kindergartener! :-)  Life will sure be different with both of them at school and mommy at home able to sit in front of the t.v. with some bon bons all day...LOL - YEAH RIGHT!  A mother's job is NEVER done and I know I will easily fill my days with things that need to get done!

ANYWAYS, here is what I made for his teachers.  He had two very awesome teacher's this year.  My DH and I loved them both and hope that our DD will be in their class next school year.  Unfortunately I didn't have too much time to dedicate to their gifts since we've been busy with graduations and other family events but I think these thank you cards will come in handy for them.

Now let summer vacation begin!  Both my babies will be home with me for the summer so I have been trying to line up some fun stuff for us to do.  Snooze at the Zoo, camping, beach days, and park days have all been added to the list.  I can't wait to start getting my house back in order too!  :-)

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!


Joy said...

great gifts for the teachers! I am sure they will love it! cute image used too. I wish I could stay at home! have a great summer with the kiddies!

Shirley N said...

What cute gifts! You're so thoughtful, the teachers will be happy to know they're appreciated. (Maybe just 1 hr of tv with bon bons? Mommy needs some "her" time too ya know!)

Brenda said...

these are great gifts! i know they will be appreciated! it's great news that BOTH of them will be at the same school!

1LuvnMama said...

Woohoo! Wasn't the school year insane? :) At least I'm happy to say all our kids have graduated to 1st Grade! Glad that DD will be at the same school . . . that would've been so hard for you to commute between 2 different schools.
Anyway, great gift for both teachers! They'll luv it and I think they'll hoard these TY cards . . . heck, I wouldn't want to give them away . . . too cute! Have a great weekend Michele!

Islander Girl said...

Oooh, I like this idea! I may have to left this idea! Great job, and I'm sure they'll love it!