Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I've Been a Lucky Girl

I've been dealing with a house full of sick people (myself included) for the past few weeks and have just started trying to get our lives back on our routine. During those weeks however, I did receive a few packages that really brightened up my germ filled days!

This first bunch of sweet stuff, I won from Angie of My Boat back in January. Angie is in Italy so it took a while to get to me...and boy did the anticipation build up. I was so excited when my post man brought this package to my door. When I got the package open, I was so happy to find that Angie had included a few of her creations in my box-an adorable candy slider, a wonderful pocket calendar, and one of her awesome cards. Thank you so much Angie!!!
During this time, I also won 1LuvnMama's Cupcake Rosie candy and received my goodies! I was so surprised that I won because I really never win anything and I entered right before her deadline. She even included a few extra goodies that got me even more excited once I got her package open. Thank you so much Mama!

I still can't believe that I won these awesome prizes! I can't wait to start creating stuff with all of these goodies. I feel so lucky and thankful to Angie and Mama for their extreme generosity! Thank you both so very much!!!


Islander Girl said...

You are definitely a lucky, lucky girl! What great RAKs!!!!

Joy said...

congrats on all your winnings! can't wait to see what you create with it! have a good day!

Brenda said...

congratulations... you? never win? yeah right! you always win! if we go to vegas for our reunion, i'm sticking with you so i can win the jackpot (in hopes that your luck will rub off on me... LOL)!

Angie said...

You are very welcome! I can't wait to see what you create with your new goodies!

Dawne said...

Hi Michele!! The cupcake apron costs $15 with shipping included. Let me know if you want me to order. I put the orders in this Sunday. I don't have a contact info for you so e-mail me at dawnef@hawaiiantel.net Thanks for stopping by!!