Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Birthday Gift for Mom's Friend

So sorry that I've been MIA lately! I've had so much going on and I haven't had any real time to just sit at the computer and post things to my blog. So I'm playing catch up now. I'll start with this gift that I made for another one of my mom's friends. I put this together at the end of October.

My mom asked for another Hawaiian themed one but I was just not happy with the way it was coming out when I was putting it together. And since all the ladies that I've been putting these together for are all friends, I didn't want them to be all the same so.... Well, I thought it turned out bright and cheery and I was more satisfied with it in the end.

Here's the card that I put together to go with her gift. I added Crystal Effects to her hair and Stickles to her wings and boots.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are all enjoying this Aloha Friday! :-)

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Brenda said...

You are getting really good at these framed artwork!