Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello Kitty Duct Tape Coin Pouch

Okay, a few months ago while shopping at Target I found a roll of Hello Kitty duct tape.  Well since it was HELLO KITTY duct tape I just had to have it...not knowing what in the world I was going to do with it.  Now I don't know about you but I had NO CLUE how big duct tape is now.  I was browsing the internet and came across many different duct tape crafting tutorials...I told my DH how interesting and kinda funny it was that there are so many people that are into duct tape stuff now.  Then my DH showed me the Think Geek website that he likes to buy gifts from every so often and they were selling duct tape wallets!  I just thought it was so strange but he convinced me to try and make something with my Hello Kitty duct tape.  Decided to start of easy (I wanted to conserve my tape since it was the last roll when I went) and made this coin pouch (found a tutorial for this on YouTube).

Pouch opened up...about 2" tall and wide
Folding coin pouch close
Flattening it out
Pouch closed
I had to place this under a book for a little while to make sure the creases in the closure of the pouch stayed down and now it stays closed pretty well.  Interesting the things people come up with.  After my DH saw this he told me to try and make a wallet.  I'll post that tomorrow.

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Jenny said...

How cool to find HK duct tape!

1LuvnMama said...

Wow, that totally amazes me that Sanrio makes HK duct tape. Who knew? Luv this idea . . . man, DH might be hiding some secrets from ya. Maybe he secretly crafts when you're not looking! hee, hee! :) Hope all is well . . . we need to be more like you guys, take it easy and relax!

Brenda said...

i saw that hk duct tape, but didn't get any cause i was thinking... what am i going to do with it? i know if i bought it, i probably wouldn't even use it... hehehe! good thing you're making use of yours! cute wallet! can't wait to see the wallet!

eunice said...

Man, Michele...your creativity never ceases to amaze me! How cool is this wallet? And who'd ever think that duct tape would be so hot!